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We know lots of patients have had bad experiences with dental care in their past. We pride ourselves on being one of San Francisco’s best offices for patients of all ages, needs, and anxiety levels.

Everything in our office is designed to put patients at ease. Whether it’s the simple online booking, the warm way we greet patients, the phone call with your dentist the day before your visit or the TVs on the ceiling to give your brain a break during your procedures—we try our best to to make you comfortable and relaxed in our hands.

What anti-anxiety options do you offer nervous patients?

To accommodate extremely nervous patients, we offer nitrous oxide and valium. Many times we find that patients want light sedative options during their first visit with us, but later decide they don’t need it because of the quality of care they receive.

We’re very unique in our extreme dedication to your comfort and we will do everything in our power to give you the best experience possible.

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