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Do you treat children at your office?

Yes! At our North Beach Location, we’ll see children as young as 12 months. Our general recommendation is that parents bring their kids to see us when they get their first tooth—or earlier if anything concerning appears on their gums.

We especially enjoy working with younger patients to give them wonderful dental experiences from a young age. With every patient we try to educate and inform them of best dental health practices — and for children especially, we try to make this learning fun.

Do your dentists specialize in pediatric dentistry?

We have a lot of young families who have been coming to us for several years to get care for the whole family. If there’s ever any way we can accommodate you and make care more convenient - we’ll always go the extra mile. We know taking care of children isn’t easy, but we believe getting them dental care should be. That’s why we try our best to make it a fun, straightforward, personalized experience for everyone.

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